Communication Request: Calendar/Facilities Request Form

Calendar/Facilities Request Form: 8 Weeks

Requests will be organized into tiers. The tier is an event or ministry that holds a certain level of importance:

1. Easter, Christmas, Giving Campaign, Sunday Services, etc.
2. A major ministry event which impacts a significant amount of the church or community.
3. Recurring ministry events.
4. Outside Community Events (Weddings, Funerals, Baby Showers, etc.)

Today's Date *
Today's Date
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Contact Person
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Phone Number
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Time Facility if Needed
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Describe how the chairs/tables need to be setup. Use the diagram at the bottom as a reference.
Resources Needed
8 Available
8 Available
17 Available
5 Available
Kitchen Requested *
Kitchen clean-up is the responsibility of the requesting group/individual.
Supporting Services
Childcare Needed? *
Have you secured approved childcare in Splash through Jessica Osborne, Children’s Ministry Director?
Equipment Needed
Is Emergency Response Team Needed?