Andrew Sunderman

Executive Pastor

About Andrew

James 2: 17 (from The Voice translation) – “Without actions, faith is useless.”

Over the past 30+ years and by God’s grace, I have been blessed in my chosen profession of Finance to work at some great companies.  I have worked with and led some truly remarkably people, professionals at the top of their game.  I have achieved a measure of success that I could not have dreamed of when I started this journey all those years ago.

I began to realize about 20 years ago that I also had a calling from God to do something different for His Kingdom; to use my “very particular set of skills”  (anyone catch the ‘Taken’ shout out?) to ‘invest’ in someone with a vision to start a New Testament church.  But not any old church plant would do.  Nope.  It had to be different.  Non-denominational.  Bible based.  Focused on training up leaders and strengthening families.  Enter Clint Paschall.

The investment my wife and I made all those years ago into Clint and Brad in founding this church called The Waters is, and continues to be, one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my life. 

So, to my father and my mother thank you for showing me the importance of Biblical knowledge: I hope in some small way I have made you proud.  To my 4 wonderful children and my great son-in-law, thank you wanting to still spend time with me in spite of my mistakes as a father.  To my close group of friends, thank you for the investments you have made in me over the years.  AND, to my loving wife and best friend of nearly 32 years, thank you for coming along with me on this ride and for having the courage to stand by me for better or for worse (and I hope there has been more better than worse).