Russ King

Music Director

About Russ

I first want to say that I am blessed to be a worship leader in this church. It is a privilege every Sunday to step onto the platform and lead amazing songs of praise to an amazing God.

The church has been my family’s home for 8 years. I have a beautiful wife Kristin who runs the freedom counseling center and two beautiful energetic children Campbell and Bennett. To say God has given me more than I could have ever asked for is hardly enough but those words are all I have. They are amazing and my favorite people in the world to be around. We enjoy spending time together doing just about anything from playing the backyard, watching American Ninja Warrior or visiting with friends and family.

I felt the call to be a worship leader when I was in college but had been playing guitar and singing for years before that. I started playing guitar for the same reason most guys do…to get girls. But it is awesome to look back and see that God had a much bigger plan for me. Once I started to really respond to the call he placed on me I started diving into studying what worship really was and how to passionately lead others. I feel like God teaches me something new every Sunday about how to lead his people.

In Current we work hard to put God first and check our ego’s at the door. We understand that our gifts are from God and being in the spotlight to show off isn’t what God has called us to do. This group is an amazing collection of people that love God first and are so willing to be bold in their outward expression of worship.