Don’t let anyone belittle you because you are young. Instead, show the faithful, young and old, an example of how to live... 1 Timothy 4:12

The H2O Youth Ministry exists to bring teens closer and closer to Jesus by providing every youth with an opportunity to meet with the Savior who loves them and learn the beauty of developing a relationship with Him.

H2O Wednesdays

6th Grade - 12th Grade:  The Waters Church Auditorium

  • Doors Open at 6:15 pm

  • Program Begins at 6:50 pm

  • Doors Close at 8:15 pm

This is an exciting event designed to connect today’s youth with Jesus Christ. H2O Wednesdays includes an all youth Christian band, concert lighting, interactive activities that tie to the teaching, strong biblical message, and personal response time for prayer and dedication. We are very proud of the Adult Leaders that help make this ministry happen. They work tirelessly to ensure a safe and secure environment for our youth each week.  H2O thrives by providing a solid foundation and generating young people who have a deep relationship with Christ. 

H2O Sundays

6th Grade -12th Grade: Room 109

11:00 am

H2O Sundays is a time for deeper level discipleship. Our youth ministry is led in a time of teaching by amazing Adult Youth Leaders. Our hope is that our youth gain a passion for God’s Word!

For information, contact Kristin King, Discipleship Pastor, at