Don’t let anyone belittle you because you are young. Instead, show the faithful, young and old, an example of how to live... 1 Timothy 4:12

The H2O Youth Ministry exists to bring teens closer to Jesus thereby creating disciples by providing weekly ministry gatherings where we give a biblical lesson, counsel them individually, and create friendships which will cultivate accountability partnerships; and gather monthly for an event, fellowship or community outreach for the purpose of providing a deeper relationship with Christ and within the body of the ministry. 

H2O Wednesdays

6th Grade - 12th Grade:  Church Auditorium

  • Doors Open at 6:15 pm

  • Program Begins at 6:50 pm

  • Doors Close at 8:15 pm

This is an exciting event designed to connect today’s youth with Jesus Christ. H2O Wednesdays includes an all youth Christian band, concert lighting, interactive games, strong biblical message, and personal response time for prayer and dedication. We are very proud of the H2O Chaperones that help make this ministry happen. They work tirelessly to ensure a safe and secure environment for our youth each week. H2O thrives by providing a solid foundation and generating young people who have a deep relationship with Christ. 

H2O Sundays

6th Grade -12th Grade: Room 109

11:00 am

H2O Sundays exists with the purpose of leading teens closer and closer to Jesus.

This class is led by H2O Chaperones.  In this, bible-focused class, youth are encouraged to learn how to deal with real life situations on the firm foundation of Elder approved studies. They are encouraged to participate actively in class and challenged to read their bible daily.

H2O Events

We hold events throughout the year to promote Christian friendships and unity in our youth ministry.  Events include dances, pool parties, retreats, house parties, day trips, mission outings, and much more.

Current Events:

H2O Leadership Team

If you have any questions, contact our H2O Team:

Clint Paschall, Pastor / Chairman of Elders

Email: Clint

Phone: 832.618.7494

Jennifer Blandino, H2O Youth Ministry Director

Email: Jennifer

Phone: 713.371.8380

*All adult volunteers have been vetted and had a background check performed on them to ensure the safety of all persons involved.