The third and final step in uniting with our church is to serve. Learn about all the ways you can serve:


The Waters Church provides many options for volunteering.  This is an important part of your connection to our church.  Volunteering is open to all types of people in all stages of life.  Some options require specific skill set, and some just require a smile.  But all of these are important ways to truly invest into your church structure.  We love our volunteers, and our volunteers love us!

Splash Children’s Ministry Assistants 

We love our Classroom Assistants! They are a priceless resource to our Splash Children’s Ministry. They assist the Lead Teacher who runs the class and teaches the actual lesson. Assistants help us keep the adult- children ratios low which ensures not only the safety of the children, but also maximizes the ministry and education opportunities for each one.

So how do you become one? We’re glad you asked that question! All members who have a child in Splash Children’s Ministry serve on our Classroom Assistant rotation. Others who desire to serve in this way area always welcome as well.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Splash Team:

Jessica Osborne, Splash Children’s Ministry Director Phone: 512.921.0733

Kelsey Martin, Splash Administrative Coordinator Phone: 360.610.0836

Note: All Classroom Assistants must fill out an application and be cleared by a background check before beginning work with children.

Welcome Team

The Waters Church Welcome! Team exists to lead people to Jesus by making them feel welcome. The
tag line for our Welcome! Team is simple; “We Like People”. It’s so true. The Waters Church Welcome!
Team makes our church one of the friendliest places on Earth. WELCOME! Team members believe that a smile, a “good morning”, and a handshake can be the first step in leading someone to Jesus. Welcome! Team consists of members who greet people at various locations throughout the church, as well as handing out bulletins, parking lot assistance, and helping visitors and their way around here. All Welcome! Team members serve on rotations that are organized and distributed by the Welcome! Team Coordinator.

Interested in being a Welcome! Team member,  contact Sarah Chavez, Welcome! Team Coordinator at

Emergency Response Team 

The Waters Church Safety Team exists to cover our facilities with safety and security. This Team monitors all areas of the church building and parking lot to safeguard the people of the Waters while they learn, pray, and worship. The Safety Team volunteers serve on a 1st or 2nd service rotation.

Interested in being a member of the Safety Team or want more information? Please contact David Jenkins.

Hospitality Team

The Waters Church Hospitality Team exists to lead people to Jesus by making them feel wanted and cared for. This team sets up and tears down refreshment areas, stocks and restocks refreshment supply, presents welcoming and clean environment for attenders, and assesses new and efficient ways of presenting a hospitable face of our church to the community.

Interested in volunteering in this area? Contact Terry McKinney at

Technical Crew

The Waters Church Technical Crew exists to lead people to Jesus through audio and visual effects. The Technical Crew is made up of people who are tech savvy; they create slides for Sunday worship, assist with lighting, run the sound board, help with video recording worship, organize and clean sound booth and band storage, repair and install new equipment, etc.

Interested in serving with our Technical Crew? Contact Jordan McClinton, Worship Pastor, at

Finance Team

The Waters Church Finance Team exists to lead people to Jesus through organized financial documentation. This team assists each week in counting the contributions that come in through our worship services, mail, and online giving. This team is made up of people who are financially responsible and mathematically savvy.

Interested in volunteering in this area? Contact Andrew Sunderman at

Life Group Leader

Life Groups exist to make community happen among the members of The Waters Church.  We gather together in small groups to love, encourage and care for one another.  We hold one another accountable in becoming devoted followers of Christ.  It’s how we “do life” together.

Interested in joining or starting a Life Group? Contact Rebecca Ellington at

Showers of Love

Interested in volunteering in this area? Contact Felecia at

Prayer Ministry

Interested in volunteering in this area? Contact Justin Martin at