• The Waters Church (map)
  • 2710 N. Mason Rd., Suite 145
  • Katy, Tx 77449

Our next Men's Fire Pit Event is coming up.  Thursday night, November 3, here at the church from 7 to 10.  The grills will be ready a 6:30 so come early if you want.  Bring anything you want to grill, or any prepared food.  Bring whatever you'd like to drink, and a little extra to share.  Or, if you can't bring anything, come anyway.  We just want all our men to get together.  The devotion, "Testosterone-Gone-Right", led by Clint Paschall, will be inside at 8:30pm.  Everything else will be outside around the grills and the firepits.  Guys, you need this.  We'll see you on Thursday evening, November 3.