Communication Request: Calendar/Facilities Request Form

Calendar/Facilities Request Form: 8 Weeks

Requests will be organized into tiers. The tier is an event or ministry that holds a certain level of importance:

1. Easter, Christmas, Giving Campaign, Sunday Services, etc.
2. A major ministry event which impacts a significant amount of the church or community.
3. Recurring ministry events.
4. Outside Community Events (Weddings, Funerals, Baby Showers, etc.)

Today's Date *
Today's Date
Contact Person
Contact Person
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Churchwide Event? *
Ongoing Request? *
Time Facility if Needed
Location *
Resources Needed
Please list all tables that will be needed for your event. All tables need to be returned to the area or room where they were originally stored.
Set-Up, Take-Down and Cleaning *
Setting up, taking down and cleaning the facility after the event is the responsibility of the requesting group or ministry.
8 Available
8 Available
17 Available
5 Available
Kitchen Requested *
Kitchen clean-up is the responsibility of the requesting group/individual.
Supporting Services
Childcare Needed? *
Have you secured approved childcare in Splash through Jessica Osborne, Children’s Ministry Director?
Is the Worship and Production Ministry needed?
Please check all production items that your event will need.
Is the Emergency Response Team Ministry (ERT) Needed? *