Jordan McClinton

Worship Pastor

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Jordan McClinton

My Story

I was born and raised in Katy, Texas. When I was fifteen, God saved me out of a life of rebellion. Even then, He spoke to me through music. After being saved, I connected to a local youth ministry and quickly began leading worship for that youth group. I graduated, got married, had kids, went to college to pursue a business degree, worked jobs, and enjoyed volunteering as a musician at The Waters Church. In my 30’s, I felt a specific calling to pastor at The Waters Church. In 2019, I started pursuing a Masters of Biblical History and Archaeology at The Bible Seminary and I dig at a site in Ancient Shiloh each summer.

My Why

God has given me a passion for worship, and I feel called to lead others into not just singing the praises of God, but living a lifestyle of worship that reflects our love for God. Worship is more than just singing songs on a Sunday morning. Instead, it is living to glorify God and love Him more in every aspect of our lives. Someday I hope to see The Waters Church and the city of Katy so enthralled with the love of Christ that we can each live authentic worship as a lifestyle seven days a week.